Padel Club Hungary currently has two locations in Szentendre and Budapest,
In Kelenföld, there are a total of 6 courts for padels.

We offer free racket rental for the game.

Other equipment (shoes, clothing, balls) must be provided by the player.

You can book our courts with the PadelClub Hungary app using your android or iOS
smartphone. Downloading and customizing the app takes only a few minutes and later you can find easily and quickly our free courts and you can even find players as well.

Padel education

At Padel Club Bravos you can learn and train at a prearranged time.
Phone number: +36 20 337 7586 (Zsolt Márton)

Solution for companies and employers

– Employer’s allowance as a recreational option
Discounts for the company’s employees in the case of a framework contract
TEAM BUILDING – competition, play, experience – full service from game to hospitality

If you like this exciting sport and are thinking about professional equipment, you can buy it in our stores on our tracks.

Padel Club Bravos

Number of courts: 5

Address: Szentendre, Kalászi út 3.

Phone number : +36 20 501 0889

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Monday to Sunday : 9:00 – 20:00

!Padel Club Bikás park


Number of courts: 1


Address: Budapest, XI. ker Bártfai u. 52.


Phone number : +36 70 458 2118


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Monday to Sunday : Currently Closed