Learn more about Padel!

Padel is one of the most entertaining community based batting ball games, that combines the elements of squash and tennis in terms
of court type, equipment and rules. Learn about its history, rules and equipment that are used for the game!

Padel is played in teams of duos on a court that’s roughly 25% smaller than a traditional tennis court, games are played within
the scoring and rules of tennis. The thing that makes this game really fun and exciting, is the fact that the course is
surrounded by plexiglass, so the walls can be used to get the ball to the other half of the field, just like squash. Really long ball runs and funny moments often occur due to the placement of the exits, which are aligned with the net  and can be used by players to return a ball that is out of court but still valid. It is no coincidence that many great tennis players, e.g. Rafa Nadal are also fascinated by this game, and more and more people are playing in the padel leagues as well. Download the Rules of the Game >

The padel racket is similar to a tennis racket only in its form, it is smaller than a tennis racket. The padel racket is stringless
with no limited holes, and its impact surface can be smooth, shiny, and thick. Maximum dimensions of the racket cannot be
more than 45,5 x 26 cm x 38 mm (45,5cm long, 26cm wide and 38mm thick ) and its impact surface is a maximum of 30 x 26
cm wide. The padel is a very fast-paced game so for safety reasons the racket is attached to the player’s hand with a wrist
strap to avoid accidents. The size of padel rackets is regulated by the Spanish Federation of Padel (FEP). Padel balls are
almost exactly the same as tennis balls, the only difference to them is that there’s less pressure inside the balls. Check out the Store >

The origins of Padel played in its present form can be dated back to 1969, when Enrique Corcuera, a Mexican millionaire
tennis player built the first padel court in his own garden. There are lots of rumors circulating around how it actually happened. It seems most likely, that he originally wanted to build a tennis court, but he didnt have enough space for it, so he erected a wall around the court to keep the ball from going over to the neighbor during the game.

The game soon became popular in Mexico, Spain and Latin American countries. Currently the most important tournament is the World Padel Tour (WPT) which has begun international expansion, including in the United States, the United Kingdom (2011), but Padel becomes increasingly popular in several European countries as well. More news >