News from the World of Padel

The most significant international event in padel sport is the World Padel Tour, which is controlled by the International Padel Federation, founded in 1991.

The goal of the organization is to regulate and support the development of padel sports, and make it available to everyone. Through its activities, it helps national federations, clubs, players and all those who contribute to the padel industry. In practice, the FIP has created and maintains the rules of the padel, determining the structure of the court, the size and material of the rackets and balls. In addition the FIP regulates the official championships, the world rankings, and works to get the padel into the Olympic sports as soon as possible.


World Padel Tour competitions are mostly held in Spain and Mexico, but it is becoming increasingly common for major European cities to host this exciting sporting event as well.

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World Padel Tour – 2020 Marbella Master

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